It’s a Community Day.

The Maccabi Fun Run powered by the European Maccabi Confederation and organized by the local Maccabi sport organization brings together thousands of Jewish people every year. Due to the different route types we welcome athletes, hobby runners and participants who prefer walking instead of running.

Our slogan is: There’s a run for everyone! The participants cover all the age groups. Children, teenagers, youngsters, adults, parents and even grandparents gladly join the event to run or walk together. 7000 people attended the Maccabi Fun Run events in 7 cities in 2016. 12000 people attended the Maccabi Fun Run events in 16 cities in 2017. 

We are organizing Maccabi Fun Run in 25 cities in 2017.

The number of the runners is growing fast because hundreds of Jewish organizations take part in the Maccabi Fun Run events with thousands of members every year. The Maccabi Fun Run is a special, united Community Day for all the Jewish organizations and individuals.

It’s a Charity Platform.

The Maccabi Fun Run is also a Charity day. Everybody who pays the registration fee donates to a Jewish organization that he chooses from our charity list. In most of our cities the entire registration fee goes to a charity organization that the participant previously marked.

More than 250 Jewish organizations have joined the Maccabi Fun Run worldwide. The Maccabi Fun Run raises around $500 000 for Jewish causes every year. Cultural, educational, religious organizations and charities set a goal what they raise money for. The more of their members attend the event, the more money they collect.

Thank to Maccabi Fun Run many wonderful organizational dreams have already come true. New playground was built in a Jewish school, new praying book got published for a synagogue, new sport equipment and toys were bought for disabled children from the donations. These are just few examples from the hundreds of achievements.

It’s a Global Movement.

The Maccabi Fun Run is a cross-continental international Jewish Community and Charity Day. It is organized all over Europe and started to expand in South-America and in the USA.

Maccabi GB organized the first Fun Run in London in 2006. Maccabi VAC Hungary was the first who adapted the concept and organized it in Budapest. They represent two different charity models formed by the local donation culture.

2016 was a milestone in the history of the Maccabi Fun Run. After London and Budapest 5 new cities organized Maccabi Fun Run for the fist time. In 2016 7000 participants donated around $500 000 in 7 cities.

2017 is another milestone. Since 2017 the interest in Maccabi Fun Run has been rapidly increasing. In 2017 16 cities organized the event. That is why the European Maccabi Confederation established the Maccabi Fun Run Support Team. The team members created a global branding for the movement and they provide continued assistance for the local organizers. The team is dedicated to launch the event in many new cities worldwide meanwhile they make sure that Maccabi Fun Run becomes a tradition in the cities where the event has already been organized.

In 2018 around 25 cities committed to organize the event in four continents. We expect more than 15000 participants including you, too.